Our Team

We are proud of our highly professional and experienced team members.

SupportExpertz.com prides itself in its highly professional and experienced team members. They play a pivotal role in the day to day management and continued improvement of our training and quality processes.

Mr. Vivek Prasannan Btech Computer Science & Engineering – Chief Executive Officer

Vivek brings in the much needed experience to the team with his 12 years of hosting industry experience having worked for reputed companies such as ImHosted.com, Stormwire.com, LLC and Real-Ware LLC in the past. He had a brief stint as a system administrator before he co-founded LogicSupport.com with his partner Mr. Nathan Murray in 2004. He helped grow the company from a 2 member team to more than 50 engineers in 2009. LogicSupport.com continues to enjoy the brand name as a quality outsourced service provider. He provided technical assistance to several hosting companies, helping them grow in the process. He then started a software consulting firm Leela Ventures, LLC based out of Chicago, Illinois focused on small and medium internet service providers and software companies. SupportExpertz.com is his 3rd venture to meet the increased demand for quality technical support for the clients in Illinois and US. He continues to offer technical consulting to people in need and is always available for help. He loves technology and doesn’t mind sharing it with others, whenever possible. Shoot him an email at vivek@supportexpertz.com for any of your hosting, software or security related issues.

Ms. Reshma Stanislavose Btech, MBA – Senior Systems Engineer, Human resources, Operations/Senior Quality Manager

With over 4 years experience in hosting support, Ms. Reshma has been instrumental in achieving quality processes in place and in charge of our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 program. She is actively involved in recruitment, training and mentoring new engineers. With her outstanding team skills and patience, her contribution to the company is invaluable and helps us retain associates long term.

Mr. Bhagyaraj M.B Btech – Senior Systems Engineer, Project Manager/Team lead

Team lead in charge of shift management and training, Bhagyaraj adds discipline to our internal operations. Known for his uncompromising approach to providing quality output, he makes sure the company is focused in providing the most outstanding, proactive customer service to all of our clients.

Mr. Liju Mathew Rajan Mtech – Systems Engineer, Training and Quality

Liju brings in the most valuable asset any company can have. Relentless effort in providing the best in class support and customer service. He imparts the same knowledge to the rest of our team and his amazing teaching skills hone our young engineers in becoming future leaders.

Mr. Nitto Tobby Varghese Btech Computer Science, MBA – Senior Systems Engineer, Project Manager/Team lead, Marketing.

With more than 4 years in hosting support industry, Nitto plays an instrumental role in supporting our young engineers with the much needed guidance and experience. He is in charge of internal workshops, seminars and technical writing. His people skills are exemplary and keeps the mood light in the most toughest of situations.

Mr. Sojan P. Sam Btech Computer Engineering – System Administrator

What makes Sojan different from the rest is his continual ability to learn new technologies with ease. He continues to help the team cope with newer technology, knowledge transfer and in improving the collective intellectual capital.