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Supports Windows, Linux and MacOS clients

Yes, we believe quality people deliver quality work. We believe academics, certification or skill set alone does not qualify anyone to work for us. We hunt for the real geeks who are smart, nice, articulate and paranoid perfectionists who gets things done and thinks out of the box. We cherry pick them and turn them into great sysadmins and coders.

Live Chat Hosted Application $10/month/user

  • No frills solution to accept live chat through your website
  • Simple website integration. Copy and paste javascript
  • Your logo, your URL, your branding
  • Fully White labelled Chat Window
  • Supports Windows, Linux and MacOS clients
  • Works on free java application – Spark
  • No need of a browser to receive chats
  • XMPP protocol ensure fast, reliable, real time response to clients
  • Enterprise reliability